Ocean Refresh logo

Ocean Refresh is a sustainable flip flop brand. Their bold, colourful and sustainable flip flops are designed to provide individuals with stylish flip-flops, whilst saving the oceans too.  Bernardo founded the business back in 2019. As the son of one of Brazil’s first female surfers, a love of the Ocean was instilled in Bernardo at an early age. With a childhood spent playing in the seas of Brazil’s iconic Itúana beach, the ocean was practically his second home. Later, with a family of his own, witnessing the scale of destruction of our planet’s oceans became intolerable. Bernardo felt compelled to take action and play his part in turning the tide on this massive but solvable problem. Ocean Refresh was conceived.


Bernardo and his team are on a mission to remove 2 million plastic bottles from the ocean, whilst also raising awareness of the plastic pollution pandemic.  Every pair of flip flops has 828g of CO2 offset per pair, meaning that when you buy with Ocean Refresh, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping fight climate change.